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The city of Dubrovnik is a gorgeous coastal town locatedd in between two world-renowned geographical locations in a little country that’s still up and coming. The rich history of modernity of Dubrovnik is a vmust see for everyone. Not only is Dubrovnik a UNESCO World Heritage site, it has also became the capital city of Seven Kingdoms, magnificent King’s Landing, overlooking Blackwater Bay.
There is so much to see and enjoy in the local Dubrovnik day tours. From walking tours to sunrise strolls, you can learn about the history and the geography, culture and modernity of this captivating place.

Our walking tour

Walk around Old Town Dubrovnik for an hour while a highly experienced, and often funny, guide regales you with the history of the churches and fountains. Check out some old wine vines and the shipping company that built the historically famous Dubrovnik ships.

Visit the old town in all of its glory

Here, you’ll get to walk through old town, see the churches and historical architecture and then you’ll go on to examine the old city walls. The walls walk will teach you about Dubrovnik’s role in past wars and other conflict. The history buff in you will love this Dubrovnik day tour.

Experience the fun of kayaking

Set off from Old Town in a kayak and paddle along the city walls. You can take your kayak to the nearby island of Lokrum where you’ll get to disembark and hang for a bit on the island, reveling and living in the atmosphere and swimming and snorkeling. You can even explore caves in the kayak before you head back to watch the sunset from your spot in the water over the Island and Old City.
The kayak even takes you to the island of Kolocep which is a place full of natural wonders and sweet little villages. Take a kayak out and around the island to explore caves and reefs. And don’t worry. if you don’t know how to kayak yet, you can even get basic instructions and safety guidance. This really is a Dubrovnik tour you don’t want to miss.

Explore the beauty of Dubrovnik’s nearby islands

The glorious city of Dubrovnik extends its beauty to the nearby islands and reelefs.
Take a boat out to the island of Kolocep to wander among citrus groves. Then you’re off to the island of Sipan and explore the rich island’s history where you can meander through houses that date all the way back to the 15th century. Finally, head out to relaxing city of Lopud where the white sandy beaches and calm waters will invite you to relax and reflect on a day well spent.

The gorgeous valleys where the best wine is made

If you like wine like then this trip is made for you. It is all wine all the time. Not only that, but you’ll be taken to a handful of different wineries by an actually certified sommelier.
And as if that wasn’t enough, you’ll enjoy the gorgeous views of the wineries nestled in canyons and valleys along the Pelješac peninsula as you hop from tasting to tasting.

Sit on the iron throne in King’s Landing

This one of a kind tour is an experience that all the Game of Thrones fans want to experience
Sail the same ship used in the filming of Game of Thrones, explore the streets of King’s Landing and become the ruler of the Seven Kingdoms by sitting on the Iron Throne
Become a part of the amazing world that is the Game of Thrones TV series and experience magic of King’s Landing on this one of a kind tour of locations where the series was filmed. Sail the same ship on which Daenerys Targaryen sailed in the series while enjoying a panoramic view of UNESCO – listed Old Town of Dubrovnik. Gain insider’s insight into the filming of the series from our experienced tour guide, and feel like a lord er while exploring hidden alleys of the capital of Seven Kingdoms, The city of Qarth, The Reed Keep and The Walk of Shame in all of its glory and magnitude.

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