The rich history of our capital
Zagreb got its start as two medieval fortress towns atop hills overlooking the Sava River, and was reborn in the Baroque period as center of business, perfectly located on routes connecting Central Europe to the Adriatic Sea. These days, Zagreb is the heart of contemporary Croatia’s culture, art, sports, and academics, but its history is not forgotten. The unique blend of medieval towers, 19th century palaces, open-air markets, and ancient cathedrals, make Zagreb the perfect city to explore. All the historical and cultural richness is summed up in the beauty of Upper Town
Gornji Grad is truly the most historical part of Zagreb. Known to house several historic sites and tourist attractions, the Upper Town forms the backbone to the beautiful city of Zagreb. The area is home to the city's Cathedral, St. Mark's Church and Croatian Parliament. Newly opened cafes complement the history and make it an amalgamation of history and contemporary development. A walking tour of the Upper Town will take you through the Ilica Street which was once the longest street in Zagreb. You will also see several other repositories of the old world charm i.e Funicular (shortest passenger cable railway in the world), Zagreb Cathedral and the likes.
Zagreb's historical and cultural face can be seen in the likes of a marvel in yellow- the Croatian National Theatre. It was officially opened for tourists in 1894. The beautiful theatre is built in neo-baroque and rococo styles of architecture and has three domes i.e. two smaller domes at the front and a bigger dome at the back giving it a regal appearance. The interiors of the buildings are replete with artworks from celebrated artists such as Vlaho Bukovac and Ivan Mestrovic, making it a delight to the visual senses. Watching an opera, drama or a ballet performance at the Croatian National Theatre is nothing short of an experience of a lifetime. The five level seating arrangements along with great sound and stage makes the experience all the more worthwhile.
Modern culture and day to day life
Of all the spectacular cultural monuments one stands out- Museum of Broken Relationships. The Museum of Broken relationships is truly one of a kind and is definitely must see while in Zagreb. Museums story begins at the time when Croatian artists Olinka Vistina and Drazen Grubisic separated, they were holding themselves back from parting away with the gifts, memories that they had shared over the years. The unwillingness to give them away led to the creation of Museum of Broken Relationships which became testimony to their memories in form of physical things over the years. As the idea gained prominence, donations from parting couples found their way to the museum, expanding its collection. From a woman's tears in a bottle to flowers and teddy bears, you are sure to find some unusual reminders of things people do when in love. The museum gained so much popularity that a second one was opened in Los Angeles in 2016.
If you are a fan of nature and green life then Maksimir Park and the City Zoo are a perfect choice. They are a perfect retreat for families and friends. The Maksimir Zoo is sure to leave you revitalised since it offers your body and mind unison with nature through picturesque views which accompany you on your vacation.
Ideal for half a day outing, the Maksimir Park and city Zoo make for the perfect retreat into the bounties of nature. Opened in 1794, the park is a great escape into the wild with no intervention from any manmade menace. Spread in a humungous area of 18 hectares, the Maksimir Park houses the Zoological Garden of Zagreb within it. The zoo is home to rare species such as sea lions, grey seals, tapis, lemurs etc.

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    The rich history of our capital Zagreb got its start as two medieval fortress towns atop hills overlooking the Sava River and was reborn in the Baroque period as the…

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