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Gastronomic offer of this region is truly interesting and diverse, we can say continental. Based on corn and other grains, milk and meat. Cornmeal or polenta, served with milk or dairy products such as yogurt or sour milk. Milk is also being made fine cheeses served with smoked meat. Of course, what makes this region is most famous is lamb that tastes best freshly baked. Of course there are evenly represented, and other types of meat (beef, pork, poultry ...), and special delicacies game (deer, wild boar ...), which abound in these parts.
Trout is a delicacy for which we must try, because in these parts of the Mountain Croatian living in the crystal clear waters.

In winter smoked meats served with sauerkraut and beans in various stews. Also try the various kinds of pickled vegetables served with seasoned cornmeal. A sweet tooth there are donuts, cast dough fried in hot oil, apple strudel and cakes with cottage cheese. What we can offer you here is the homemade food ready in the traditional way, the ingredients are natural, mostly from our garden. We are particularly proud of our cheese made manually from fresh cow's milk and homemade bread prepared every day from mixed grains.

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Best Seasons:Winter, Summer, Fall
Popular Location:Slavonija, Coast

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