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A little heaven in the middle of Gorski Kotar

Many people are unaware of Delnice, a small settlement in the mountainous region of Gorski Kotar. As the winter is coming and the white layer gets thicker across the country, this little town becomes increasingly more interesting both to local and foreign visitors. A rich history and culture besides lovely winter sceneries and opportunities for hours of outdoor fun, make the settlement rather unique.

Historical heritage

The city of Delnice was the crossing point of a lot of historical events. The nobles of the Zrinski family have been very influential in Croatia, always balancing their power in various court intrigues, political schemes of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and total war with invading Ottoman forces. In the 17th century, Petar Zrinski updated the keep of Frankopan family in Brod at Kupa, making a fort that became the region’s heart. Today, this castle is officially a monument of the first category. It hosts the permanent exhibition of huntsman accessories, and visitors are also welcome to see a (secret?) passage to a local cavern. Who knows for what purposes was it built? Come and check it out for yourself.

Rural tourism at its finest

Delnice, as well as its nearby mountainous area, provides opportunities for rural tourism and active holidays. You can experience and enjoy many outdoor activities enjoy cycling, hiking and mountain climbing, hunting, canoeing and rafting, camping.

Make the most out of your winter

If you are a ski beginner, ski expert or ski enthusiast the best is the place to enjoy the skiing life is on Petehovac near Delnice, at a height of 1050 meters. The path has been fully adjusted to beginners and children and is regularly checked throughout its length to prevent any inconveniences from occurring. The initial part of the run is mild, followed by a steeper section, while towards the end there is a mild plane part again. The ski lift is relatively slow, with mild climbs. An additional attraction is the possibility of night skiing. For you advanced skiers one of Delnica’s most attractive sports venues is its famous and legendary 70-meter ski jumping track which is located on the northeastern slope of the Japlenske vrh and with a throw-in at the city football stadium. It is legendary because after its construction in 1947 it hosted several competitions in ski jumps (until the 80s of last century) and it was the only ski jump in Croatia and the nearby region. Visit the legendary jump and become a part of history.


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