Rijeka Tour

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Visit the European Capital of Culture 2020!

The city of Rijeka is the historical, cultural, architectural, shipyard and port center of the Primorje County. Come with us and explore the city of Rijeka and its most important places. The place where everything begins, ends and continues, walk with us along the longest street of the City of Rijeka – Corso.

Liburnia – a prehistoric city

The city of Rijeka got its historical name by its inhabitants Liburns, and is therefore called Liburnia. The remains of Liburna can be found on Trsat Hill, where today lies the Trsat Castle. Trsat Castle is a strategically exhilarated sight on a 138 meter high hill that dominates Rijeka. In the center of Rijeka, we will visit the medieval tower that  counts the hours for its fellow citizens even today. It was built on late antique remains, and its appearance attests to the architectural and conqueror periods that ruled the city.

Baroque legacy

Rijeka Cathedral Vida is the only baroque round of monumental proportions built on the land of Croatia. Visitors will be delighted with the Latin inscriptions and features in the interior of the cathedral which represent the Napoleonic wars that played in the city of Rijeka

Religious center

The sanctuary of Mother of God Trsat is the largest pilgrimage center in western Croatia. Its affiliation is related to the tradition of the miraculous transfer of Nazareth’s home and its stay on Trsat (1291-1294). By climbing the Trsat stairs you will witness many of the monuments that the prominent figures of the town of Rijeka erected as the vows to the Mother of God Trsat.

Austro-Hungarian architecture

The city of Rijeka relies heavily on the influence of Austro-Hungarian architecture. Many famous and respected monarchy families have left their stamp on the look of the city we know today.

Cultural tour

Our tour of Rijeka as the capital of European culture will end with a visit of museums that are unique and reveal the history and life of the city of Rijeka and its famous and lesser-known fellow citizens. Modern generations can witness a modern and urban culture that extends throughout the city. Rijeka has to offer something for everyone. Visit us and discover why Rijeka is a specific and an atypical city of Europe!

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