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A blend of science and history

Visit Smiljan and find out why Nikola Tesla is the genius who changed the world as we know it.

Although at the first sight this little village does not differ at all from other Lika settlements, Smiljan is world-known and interesting as the birthplace of the genius Nikola Tesla without whom the world we live in today would not be possible.

Smiljan has embraced its heritage and paid homage to him by constructing Nikola Tesla Memorial Centre which combines science, tourism and art and which was opened on the 150th anniversary of his birth.

The fascinating life of Nikola Tesla is brought to you through pictures, words and sound.

The Tesla’s turbine in which flows the prototype of Tesla’s wireless managed boat is placed by his birth house next to which passes a stream Vagančica. By following the brook we come to Tesla’s testing station and Multimedia Centre. Testing station is a direct replica of the testing station in Colorado Springs, just smaller, whilst its tower is the Memorial Centre trademark.

So visit Smiljan, you will get a very original and interesting combination of science and history.

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