Una River

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The magnificent Una River is located in the western part of Bosnia and Herzegovina and on its middle course flows through Republika Srpska making the boundary with Croatia. Una River source is situated close to the villages of Donja Suvaja and Donji Lapac, beneath the slopes of Plješevica and Stražbenica Mountains in Croatia, and it joins the Sava River by Jasenovac. Una River is 212 km long and considered probably the most beautiful river in the entire Bosnia and Herzegovina.

History and life of the river

Una River gets its name after Romans who considered it the most beautiful river in the whole Roman Empire. Over one hundred and seventy types of medicinal herbs grow along the banks of Una River. 28 kinds of fish make their home in the emerald waters of the Una River.

Experience all the glory of Una waterfalls and canyons

Before its entrance to the first large canyon, Una River flows along the gorgeous 24 meters high Štrbački buk waterfalls, which together with the waterfalls in Martin Brod makes the most beautiful waterfall in this part of Europe. Štrbački Buk is located between Bihać and Donji Lapac and is actually formed by several waterfalls and cascades, surrounding one each other in proximity. If you are a nature lover, those natural waterfalls are a must-see.

The beautiful harmony of nature

Experience the harmony between man, fish, birds, willows, bridges and old mills rarely seen today. Medieval towers, forests and a number of various sport and outdoor activities and the intact nature and well-preserved heritage, make the Una river one of the most glorious rivers in this part of Europe.

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