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Hiking trails

Velebit has many well-marked trails and roads for hikers, which are connected to the surrounding places and mountain huts. The Velebit hiking destinations are one of the favorite destinations of the visitors of the park; they range from easy to difficult with views over the Kvarner bay and the islands and of forest and the mountain peaks and valley on the Lika side. Hiking footwear and clothes are needed for all these trails and a sufficient quantity of drinking water.

Experience the massive mountains through hiking

If you want to get to know this massive mountain through hiking, the safest and easiest way to do so is to hike along the Premuziceva trail. The construction of the trail began in 1930, but due to lack of funds, the construction was stopped and finished in 1933. The trail was constructed and laid out by Ante Premuzic, a passionate mountaineer and forestry engineer after whom the trail was later also got its name. The trail was constructed using the drystone technique and is considered being the most beautiful hiking trail in Croatia. The trail provides the easiest access even to the most rugged and difficult to reach sections of Northern Velebit which are the Hajducki and Rozanski kukovi we mentioned earlier.

Velebit – a mesmerising experience in the middle of Europe that surely will not leave you indifferent and that will invite you to explore all the different facets that nature has to offer.

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